Breville New Product Launch - BGR840BSS
14 Aug 2015

We are glad to launch the latest product of Breville - BGR840BSS the Smart Grill Pro.
BGR840BSS is the top model in its grill category. It features 5 meat settings (Beef, Pork, lamb, fish & poultry) with rest indicator. Thanks to the integrated probe, it would automatically finish the grilling by your chosen doneness and indicate it is time to take the meat off to rest.
For heating elements, they are casted into the plates for fast heat-up, consistent high heat and rapid temperature recovery. The Element IQ function will electronically detects heat loss and provide rapid heat recovery when cold food added. The plates arer coated with titanium infused Quantanium for superior scratch resistance, oil free cooking and easy clean up.
There are 6 adjustable height settings with storage lock to adjust the top plate for suiting delicate food or set it high for open melts. The temperature could be adjust by temperature dial (Low, Panini and sear modes). The removable drip tray catches excess fat for healthier cooking. The product housing are made by stainless steel.

Product information: